Monday, July 25

Just for laughs

I like to keep an eye on my statistics on the website, and sometimes you can get some real gold by looking at what people are searching on Google to find your website. (Which is why when you Google: How to Draw a Muffin, I end up in the top 10... I also own I thought I would share some of this last weeks search engine terms that landed people at the blog:

My personal favorite is the last one. It just doesn't make any sense to me as to why Google would dump them out here with that term. Oh well, it's like the small town police blotters in local newspapers. Silly things like, "Mr. Edwards reported that at 8am on Sunday night someone was seen to be breaking into his wood shed. After police investigated they determined that the culprit, a rake, had been left there the previous evening by Mr. Edward's son after mowing the lawn. No charges were pressed."

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