Tuesday, February 14


This past weekend we traveled up to Dallas to hang out with our expanding group of friends up there. (Currently all from the Seattle area) It's funny that this is such a large state, it's a good solid four plus hours (four and a half... five if there is traffic) up there from here, and at that point you're also an hour from the border with Oklahoma. Where we're at here we're an hour from the Louisiana border. We're on the short side. It's about six hours from Galveston (on the water) to Oklahoma. It's 12 and a half hours from Louisiana to New Mexico. For you West-coasters that's the same amount of time it would take to drive from Seattle to Sacramento, CA. An hour more and you're in San Francisco. It's a big state, and it's times like these where I come to fully realize that.

It's kind of funny because the amount of time we spent driving this weekend would be about the same as driving from Seattle to Spokane. And I don't think that's something we ever would have considered doing as it was "too far" for a weekend get-away. (To be fair we have done it twice though, but got massive migraines each time.) This state has changed us where our perception of distance and time seems to have shrunk.

Small-talk aside, we got to spend some good time with friends, got to eat some great food, talk about life, see it snow, laugh, and learn a new card game. It's always nice to be able to have a bit of a care-free weekend before chemo fires up again.

Speaking of chemo I have another check in with the doctor tomorrow, and I would expect that my platelets won't be high enough to start chemo (though they have it scheduled for Thursday) and will probably start me on those horrid shots... which I know I dread more than chemo. (Especially when they seem to have slowed their working a bit, we'll see.)

Thanks everyone for the prayers and support.

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