Thursday, February 16

The Short of it

I've been granted another week's reprieve from the ravages of chemo because the platelets aren't high enough yet. (Because frankly you can't go into negative number's when it comes to platelets.) So they gave me another week with which I can do whatever I feel like. (And recovering from this cold is probably at the top of my list...)

It's been voiced to me before that I should "write a book" or "compile that blog into a book!". Frankly I have never been all that sure what I would write about. In high school I spent three of the four years there on the school newspaper (didn't do the fourth year because I didn't like the person that they chose to be editor) and, as evidenced by this blog I am sure, pumping out 1000 words or more quickly hasn't ever really been much of a problem. Transferring my ideas to a page, not an issue.

As much as I love science fiction an fantasy I have never really had much of a grasp on that to ever generate something huge or epic enough that I have wanted to write it down. My large ideas come across to me as being weak, rehashes of other people's ideas, and frankly if I can't get them to the page, then not many other people are going to find them interesting.

I have always admired Ray Bradbury's stories and his ability to compose short stories with little twists. I would love to be able to write short stories, but even when I try to keep email to a manageable size I end up writing pages and pages about something, and then I go back and edit, edit and edit and I will clip a sentence here or there, but frankly it stays about the same length.

The project I am working on with my sister is something I need to finish writing, maybe go over it five or six more times as well. It's an idea that has been banging around in my head now for ten years, however getting to the end has been hard. (It's 21 chapters so far) Our goal is to get the first part of that out to you middle of this year.

Anyway, I am looking for a way to do some more writing, but to do it in a tighter, more realistic fashion. I have an idea for a "humorous book about cancer", but besides the idea I am not really sure what that looks like.

Well, stay tuned, I didn't get a blog that is 10 years old by giving up on it.

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