Saturday, April 28


A project I have been working on for a while hit a point where it had to change drastically from what I was thinking it would be to something else. With this change in something that I have been pouring myself into for the past ten years I've been faced with the question of, "What does it look like now?" A big part of this is the perspective of how I want to tell this story. First or third person. I realized as I wrote out a paragraph in each perspective that first person was a LOT easier for me. Part of this I am sure is the fact that this blog has been nothing but first person since it started ten years ago. I've written a ton of words in the first person, and the third person is a wild and unknown territory to me. Which raises the question for me as a writer, do I go with what I know and write from the first person, or do I attempt the third person and probably run into a million mistakes and learn from that but also delay the finishing of this project?

The parallels between this project and my life right now do not escape me either. Here I am approaching five years of cancer fighting and I feel like I am starting to be able to do more than I could a year ago and the world, while still limited, seems to be opening up making so many things available that weren't when I was sick out of my mind.

Just a few thoughts...

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