Sunday, April 1

Where have I Ben?

You will at this point, probably have noticed a serious lack of postings this past week. On any form of media. In case you were wondering where I was at Lisa and I made a trip over and up to San Diego, CA for a bit of a family reunion.

In the process we saw some of my family, and a lot of her family. Some of them we hadn't see in years, other's it's only been a few months. Either way it was a great trip. We saw the Zoo, various hills and points of San Diego, and Sea World. One of the houses was on the beach so while it was a lot colder than I would have liked (what are you going to do about that? We were there to see family, not bask in the sun...) we got to spend a lot of time with people we love. We celebrated Lisa's grandparent's 60th anniversary, and then four of us have, or will be turning 30 this year as well, so we celebrated that too.

There is an album up on Facebook if you are interested.

To save a bit of cash Lisa and I took the flight there that got in San Diego at like 9am, so we left Houston at just before 6am. Last night, errr, this morning, we got home at 4am. I haven't been "awake" very long, but I am thinking I might have to switch to a nap here soonish as I feel pretty bleh.

It was a great trip, and it fell in such a way that I could take it in between chemo's so that nothing was "messed up" in the order of the chemo timing. Lisa and I were happy to see family and spend time with them. At the same time we are happy to be back home... or I assume we are, I don't think we've been awake for more than a few hours since being home. Thanks to all the family members that made it happen. Lisa and I are glad we could make it.

Thank you for your continued prayer. I have a blood draw on Tuesday and they'll see if I am "chemo ready" on Thursday. Once more unto the breech!

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