Sunday, April 15

Wrong step

The other morning I was waxing poetic about the dawn and feeling good about pulling out of a cycle of chemo aaand... then I got two migraines in one day. I spent most of the day in bed wishing I was unconscious and wishing the time when I could take my next drug would hurry up. Around 6pm something all those times seem to converge and I took several different types of pain med with several kinds of anti-nausea drugs and added a bag of ice to my face. That seemed to do the trick as it was about three hours before I remember anything more and the pain was mostly gone. At the moment I feel like I've been punched in the face (migrane side effect) but it's nothing too serious and will hopefully fade as the day goes on.

I always wonder about things like this. Maladies upon maladies. Here I am barely clear of a round of chemo and BAM I spend almost two days in bed because of a horrible headache (or two). It's not like I "deserve" anything like good health, but despite all this, I sometimes say, "Ok, I've paid my dues. Time to move onto something else." God's pushing me towards a lot of patience and using medical things to do it. It's hard.

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