Monday, July 16

Some Prayer Requests

I had no idea what was in store for me coming back to working such long (20) hours. The first week I was full of vim and vigor and wanted to work a full eight every day. Then the weekend rolled up on me and I was super tired. Monday comes along and I can't shake the tired. I think like the effects of chemo the effects of work are cumulative and I am feeling it now more than I was before.

BUT IT'S SOOOOO EXCITING being here! I can't express that enough. I miss this a lot. I feel so very alive here and doing what I am doing.

Several prayer requests for this next week:
My team here is headed to the ICCM conference this week, where we hope to rub elbows with people smarter than ourselves and learn a thing or two, network with some people in and out of the Springs, and get some ideas on how to make computing and missions more effective for OC staff.

I need strength to make it through every day, just as much as I did before my break. This is not easy. It's fun, and I enjoy it more than I can express, but it's hard on my body. I need the strength (and wisdom) to know when to stop and when to keep going.

Please continue to pray for my health. Tumor death is our prayer!

Also, today (July 16th) marks the 7th Anniversary of Lisa and I tying the knot. It's been a rough ride thus far, but all the downs have just made us cling more tightly to each other. I couldn't have done it and continue to do it without you Lisa. I hope that God provides us with many more 7's.

Thanks everyone for the boundless support. It means so much to Lisa and I.

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