Monday, December 10

Not dead yet!

There is a pet peeve I have, and thankfully not too many people do it, but enough people have done it that I feel like I need to address it here on the blog in hopes it doesn't happen again/ some more.

Please, please, please, DO NOT, assume you know what is best for me and cut me out of something that has been planned, or that I have been a part of planning. I think the prevailing thought behind this is, "Oh, Ben's sick/ depressed/ out of it with meds [Probably less than you think I am] so we'll just go ahead and do this without him." Of course this generally comes with not asking me if it's ok if I get cut out. It's an assumption.

Some of my biggest frustrations the past three years have been because people have done this to me. Either at work, at church, or socially somehow. Talk to me, and see if this is what I want. Do I want to bow out, or do I want to be involved? Folks, I am still alive. Utilize me and talk to me while you have me. Don't go putting me in the ground before my time.

Thanks. I hope this doesn't sound too ranty.

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