Monday, December 3


The trial doc we saw this afternoon (that I haven't seen in almost two years) seems to have calmed down a bit and was a lot more personable. He told me he didn't have any openings at the moment but was expecting stuff to open up in five to six weeks. So we're headed back to Ludwig to see if he wants to do anything in the middle. I was however able to get into a "trial" in which they sequence 240 proteins of my DNA. Takes about a month or two to get that done, but the results are available to me (for 40 of those) to be used by any doctor I choose to share them with. Who knows... could lead to some interesting findings or comparisons of different types of cancers.

Christmas cards are ordered! I finished my painting over the weekend and wasted no time getting it scanned and sent to our card printer of choice. Not sure when they'll be on our door-step, but we'll fire up Netflix and get those suckers filled out, stuffed, signed, labeled, and in the mail! Hopefully you'll have them in time for Christmas! I will also be selling the original artwork after Christmas (to raise funds for my insurance) but at the moment I am keeping the card design to myself so it'll be a surprise to all of you this holiday season.

Thank you for the prayers this weekend. I mentioned it in my post on Saturday morning, but wanted to expound a little bit after a few days of the difference. I can barely describe the difference. The peace and hope, and straight up easy reliance on God has changed in my heart. My confidence in God's plan in much, much more solid. I don't know what was happening before, but I think my heart had been held down and doubt had free reign in my mind. House has been cleaned, and I am feeling pretty great in a spiritual sense. Thank you to both God and you who called on him on my behalf.

In other news my mother-in-law suggested that I would go through a lot of similar symptoms now, with the flood of testosterone back into my body, as when I first went through puberty. I laughed and said I didn't remember that far back. BUT this morning something STRANGE happened and her voice came floating back to me across my memory. First the strange thing. I had a dream where someone put a cigarette out in my right eye. I woke up and not only was my eye in large amounts of fiery pain, but I could smell, quiet heavily, the remains of a cigarette burning out. Went into the bathroom and looked at my eye and it was fine. Went back to bed and the smell of cigarette's was gone.

This morning thought I woke up with a migraine based behind that same eye and then the voice of my mother-in-law floated back to me and suddenly I remembered, "The first time I started getting the migraines was when I was in Jr. High..." So I don't know how long it'll take my body to even out from these drugs, but I am willing to bet I'm a fair candidate for migraines during that time.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. And not just for your prayers, but sharing my requests around as well. To friends, family, churches, etc etc. I can never have too many people lifting me up to the Lord. Thanks everyone. (Both old and new readers...)

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