Wednesday, December 5

Trying to get back in

I think perhaps I need to knock harder.

Monday after seeing the doctor in charge of trials he told us there was nothing on the books for us until the second week of January. My current oncologist had said if that was the case to check back in with him and see if there was something else we might try in the interim.

The problem has been getting to the doctor. Either his administrative team is very protective, or borderline incompetent. Monday I left a message for his nurse to get back to me. Tuesday, I sent them an email, and then again today I sent another email to someone in the same office.

It's kind of strange they tell you, "You have six months" and then won't let you back in for followup options. Now, note I am not saying I NEED the doctor, It's rapidly becoming more and more obvious that the only way I am getting off THIS particular boat is with God's help.

I don't know. Maybe this is God's way of saying my days at MDA are over? I really need to sit down and think and pray about this I think.

Prayer Requests:
  • The Surprise I did for Lisa (see previous post) REALLY seems to have done a number on my biceps. Last night it got to a point where I was having difficulty breathing because the pain was rather intense. Need to learn some lessons in over-exertion AND not being anywhere near as strong as I used to be. (Strength/ Daily Strength)
  • MDA, when is it time to leave and either just trust God for how this will end, or pursue a different kind of treatment, perhaps else-where? (Wisdom)
  • Everything I have listed previously.
 Thank you for the continued love and support. 

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