Wednesday, March 27

My head is spinning with activity!

The plan at the moment is to fly Lisa and I to Seattle on Saturday via the airlines with the proper tools at hand for me.

This is happening so very fast. They told me yesterday that if Seattle is where I wanted to be for hospice then I needed to leave ASAP as this is a window for me to get there. So ASAP we re leaving. Lisa has been packing up the apartment the past few days and we have plans to get a moving company to pick it all up and move it to Seattle sometime after we leave. I have no idea what we need to do when it comes to closing down the apartment, but as we are looking at breaking the lease it los like it's going to cost us an extra two months rent.

I am doing better when it comes to shortness of breath. They have been giving me a painkiller/ shortness of breath drug, plus a steroid that helps as well. I am also on oxygen (which either doesn't stay on at night or makes my nose bleed because it's so far in my nose wi all the dry air) which seems to help a lot.

Also my hair is starting to turn brown again... Mixed in under the blonde. It's going to look interesting here ina few weeks.

Fear and stress wise things have been lessoning a bit. It tends to be the worse in the morning and the gets better during the day, and then it seems to carry over from the previous day if I had a good day. (Like I did yesterday) Yesterday I had a good day. I had a friend localls visit me at lunch and pray for me, and we talked a bit, it was really nice for him to apend his lunch visiting. Then a friend of mine from a few hours away heard we might be leaving before He could see us so he left work, drove the couple of hours and hung out with me in the evening. Then we had dinner and had a bit of a a tearful goodbye (just moving to Seattle is hard enough as He is close enough to see every so often)

God moved in another way yesterday evening as well! My mom got a call from a guy in Seattle who wants to be my doctor! He goes tot he church my parents used to go to and Lisa's parents know him as well. I guess he is kind of hard to get an appointment with because he dedicates his time to more charity based work cases... Like mine might be. He called out of the blue and was asking questions about me and when I heard about it I was like "Yes!" So something I was slightly concerned about, having a doctor there in Seattle and available "on the ground" when I get there was very important to me. Plus he has had experience with cancer and hospice before. Another God thing was that I had two different, unsolicited people reccomend the same hospice to me yesterday via email. Then the Case Manager had pulled a few names from the internet of potential Hospice options and that one was one of them. I think we'll be going with that one.

They finally allowed me to have solid food yeaterday as well. Between scans and fearing I couldn't swallow solid things it took them a few days to allow me solid foods. It's been a long time since I had an actual dinner. Between fasting on Friday and then not eating a lot of Saturday because of shortness of breath and feeling sick, and then the hospital I haven't eaten a lot, and fear I am starting to look rather skinny.

I have updated the "Help" page ( as well and I see some of you have been making use of the paypal donation setup I installed. Actually a lot of you have contributed to our moving costs and general things we might need to have help covering (tripple rent the last month, etc) and it has been a huge blessing and very humbling. As I have time I would like to send you thank you emails if nothing else, but I am not sure when I will have time. I just want you all to know that I have seen every one and thank God for every donation you have given to us. You have blessed us greatly.

Not sure what today holds... Yesterday was really busy between friends and so many doctors, nurses, various medical specialties... My mom was here with me and she was surprised how busy I was all day.

Thanks again everyone. I need your prayers now more than ever. Prayers for healing (Go God!!), prayers for transitioning to Seattle, prayers for daily strength, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Seeing friends is good, but also hard as I see them and I'm not really sure the next time I will or won't see them. But I think Michael W. Smith had it right about Friends. "Friends are friends forever, when the Lord the Lord's of them." Love you all and look forward to seeing more of you in Seattle.

P.s. I forgot to mention it in my post but an unofficial art therapist came by yesterday and we spent about an hour drawing and talking. She was surprised at how well I could articulate what was in my head into words so that she could draw it. She draw some pictures and I Added suggestions, and then she gave me some paper and colored pencils, which I used a bit last night. But I have her drawings still and I can look at them and enjoy some of what she drew and also get to let out some of my thoughts in drawing as well. (It's been a while since the creative side of my head has been active enough to do drawing or painting.)
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