Saturday, March 23

That was fast...

Yesterday was the day I holed up and spent time with God and away from technology and food. (Though I needed a TON of pain killer yesterday for some reason... though today I haven't touched it yet, and it's been over 12 hours since I had it last.) I'm not going to detail everything that I went over with God, I might get into some of that later or at a different time, or I might not.

I wanted to thank everyone who joined me yesterday in fasting and prayer. (Over 20 of you!) As well for the people who have been praying for Lisa and I and the choices we have to make. (I can't count that high...)

The big choice that came from yesterday was that we believe God is calling us back to Seattle. Between then and now though we plan on spending a few weeks in Colorado Springs, and then making an "epic" roadtrip to places in Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington. We don't have any details about timelines or anything right now. I'll know more on Monday or Tuesday, but we will be packing up and moving fairly soon.

Some of you have asked about helping with costs of various things. I have added additional donation options to the "help" tab across the top. (You can donate to my medical costs, or other costs differently) Thanks for all who have asked how you can help with finances.

In other, "God is working", categories I started writing this post and halfway through I got a ping on Facebook and a friend of ours (who I look up to in many ways) has a potential living situation for Lisa and I, very cheaply, in the city of Bellevue... Before I even said anything about our move, God was on it. It fits just about everything we need, and it's really nice. I don't yet fully know if it's a go or not, but I had to share how God was supplying solutions before we even started down that road.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Lisa and I... we'll see what happens, and I think I'll be in a position to see a lot of you fairly soon. Thanks again!

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