Tuesday, March 19

Today I put in about 10 hours at Microsoft, which wasn't all that boring. (Surprisingly enough it was a meeting about .Net and XML and stuff like that, where they discussed code, which are usually the things that put any self respecting video guy to sleep the fastest, but at times I found myself actually paying attention and saying to myself, "Oh... that's kind'a cool." I am a little worried now.) Anyway, in that 10 hours I got half way through one of the books that is required reading for my an English class I have next term. It was funny, I had actually READ the book before, I just didn't remember it. I had read the original Short Story in Asimov's science fiction magazine in an issue from 1991, and thought it was an amazing story. And then low and behold I discovered that I was required to read it for class and that it was expanded from 100 pages to 400. It's called "Beggars in Spain" if you want to read it. It's about some genetically engineered Children who are made so they don't need to sleep. Very good book.



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