Tuesday, March 19

Ok... I think I said the funniest thing I have said all week tonight. I was talking to Beth Fosse online: (Funny comment in bold)

Beth: man...i feel so bad because i'm always cutting things short w/ u but i really have to go
Beth: i actually just got on to rebuild my list because i lost it...
Beth: so i was hoping that people would IM me!
Beth: *i hope thats not too shallow*
Me: *chuckle* I would offer to help... but I don't think oour lists overlap all that much.
Me: No, no... that's fine... I fully understand... I have done that in the past also.
Beth: ok
Beth: thanks for understanding
Me: :) Anytime... I dish out understanding like a good stew... seconds are always free.

See!? I crack myself up... =)



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