Friday, December 6

Tonight was cafe night at BN, so that was there I was working. It wasn't all that bad. I enjoy a night in cafe every so often. Does a number on my feet, but it is nice.

I don't know how I missed the trailer for Equlibrium but I did. And to my amazement it's already out. So I'll have to go see it and see if it's as stylish as it seems to be.

Not much more to report I guess... I served dinner last night at the Women's Christmas Dinner at church. That was fun. It's not everyday you get to serve people people. (At least I don't...) But I was carrying the heavy trays last night and my arms hurt this morning. Of course I thought to myself, "Woah... if I lifted heavy stuff more often, I could be buff." This idea was followed by a little voice in my head that started laughing. I glared at it and went about my business.

In other news on the way to work I got a really cool idea for a story and just HAD to write it down as soon as I got to work. BUT I am not going to post that idea because this is the internet and it's all about the free excahnge of ideas, and thank you very much I would prefer to try to take the "free" out of the equation when I end up writing this story.



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