Saturday, January 18

Do you ever have those expirences where you're at a concert and you're rocking out, only to leave and realize that it was a touch louder than it should have been? I mean I can handle loud, but when it comes to lots of feedback and loud, that is where I loose my hearing. Can I say that I continue in my enjoyment of small little known bands? There is nothing like a small venue with a small crowd and a band that enjoys making music, and is excited to be there. (Despite the fact that they might be only getting 100 bucks, and dinner covered.)

But as it stands I am having this weird buzzing sound in my right ear. Which I find funny because it is ALWAYS my right ear that has issues when I go to concerts. No matter where the "loud" is coming from. I think my left ear is invincible!

In other news one of my managers gave me an "Organic" chocolate bar for christmas. My first thought upon opening it was: "Organic!? The only thing "organic" I am overly eager to put in my mouth would happen to be of the leafy green variety." So it sat on my desk until today, untouched, but the lulling song of choclate is hard to resist. Let me say right now, that so far this whole "organic" milk chocolate with raisins and pecans is like some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Really smooth and not a hint of bitter and not too sweet either. I think they sell these things at Trader Joes. (But having known it comes from Trader Joes I should have trusted it. I have yet to taste anything "candy" related coming out of there that does not taste amazing.) So let this be a lesson to those out there: chocolate, in almost any form, is your friend. Even when it has scary words attached to it, like Organic.

I'm off to bed! I'll see you all later!

Added later: However, I am quite hungry at the moment sooo, maybe I'll bogart the rest of the Pizza in the fridge.



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