Sunday, February 16

Well, so far I have to admit that I enjoy this working from 7pm to 11:30 thing that I'll be doing on Sundays. It allows me time to do some R and R (as well as some R and D and some RNA) and some HW on top of that. I have tomorrow off however, so the HW machine will be gearing up for an active day tomorrow.

Yesterday in the store we had a Nebula nominated author come in to sign her book. Now, the past 3 or 4, maybe even 5 years, I think the Nebula has lost some of the grand standing it used to have. (For those of you that don't know the Nebula is, or used to be, a very prestigious award that went to Science Fiction writers each year if they had the "best" work of Sci-fi for that year. (The Hugo is the other one, and it's not unknown for the good books to get both the Hugo and the Nebula.)) Anyway, it was interesting to talk for a bit with a Nebula nominated author. I personally would love to be there someday, (More for the Hugo than the Nebula... but still) But we'll see.

Tomorrow is president's day, which celebrates the day the presidents came to the US and imposed their hostile rule upon our utopian society. Oh... wait a second, wrong country, wrong holiday. Well, tomorrow IS president's day, so go hug a president.



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