Tuesday, May 13

Busy, AND Tired...

Hey Everyone,
I've been busy and pretty tired the past few days, so I haven't updated anything. My laptop did indeed come. It's cool, but I am waiting for another copy of windows to come before I get too involved with it. Once I install a better version of windows I should be on my way.

The touchpad will be something I need to get used to however. But it feels like i have a TV sitting on my lap when I use it. The screen is a touch smaller than my monitor at home.

Today was a beautiful day. Not too hot, and not too cold. My 2nd class was cancled today so I kidnapped Lisa for an hour or so and we went down to the arboretum by the UW there and walked around, climbed trees, and ran away from friendly ducks. Need to head down there with my camera so I can share with all you non-washington people how cool it is this time of year.



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