Friday, September 19


Ryan reminded me that I hadn't said what happened with my speeding ticket. Let me fill you in: Once every 7 years you get what is called a "Defferal" and the state lets you pay a court fee and go along your merry little way as long as you don't get a ticket for the next year. So I took my deferal and paid the $100 court fee. (which seems a little like blackmail to me: Speeding ticket was $90, they don't report it to the DoL if you pay them $100, for "court fees". I want to know who is making $100 for the minute I was in front of the judge.)

6 hours of driving for a sum total of sitting for 15 minutes in the court room. Oh well... hopefully that $100 goes to a good purpose, like busting people like drug dealers and people involved in child pornography. That's my hope, that that speeding ticket goes to help someone do their job better so real scum is kept out of the city.

Another thought for you: "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them" is a book by Al Franken about how the "right" has told all sorts of lies and is the true corruption of our government. While books like "Slander" and "Treason" are both about how the "left" lies all the time and what a horrible place they have made the government. When I think it comes right down to it if I met both the authors, Al Franken and Anne Coulter I would almost bet I wouldn't like either of them. Both of them seem little better than children for all this finger pointing. Lets just face facts shall we? Both sides I'm sure have lied more than is probably healthy for anyone to do. Ok, there it is. Just because someone "up on the hill" that has been elected lies through his teeth doesn't mean that every liberal or conservative is that way.

I guess I figure it wouldn't be hard to use 2 different pen names and write books about the "lying right" and the "fact bending left" and just be the same person. Seems to me that the same people end up buying both books anyways. I'm just sick of the two above mentioned people getting rich off of supposedly being valliant and all that. If this was really such a great crusade against all that was unjust I think that they should forego profits on their multi-million dollar book deals and donate the money to charities. As it is I think it comes accross sounding pretentiously nationalistic, because I don't know how strongly they would fight without their money and the money they make from "fighting".



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