Monday, October 27

So nice...

Lisa and I had our date the other night. It was very nice. We ended up going to Anthony's Woodfire Grill, which is up on the water there in Everett. It was good food, and our waitress was nice and didn't hang around trying to be "nice". I had Prime rib (which I realized I'm not overly fond of), and Lisa had tender loin. (Which was excellent)

So funny story, last night I got a potato with the meat, and there was a little cup of sour cream and chives. And next to the steak there was something that looked an awful lot like sour cream in that lighting. I cut myself a piece of meat and slab the mystery stuff (sour cream I thought) onto the meat and into my mouth it goes. This whole time Lisa is talking to me nicely and chatting about life and school and such, and suddenly I pop this bit of meat in my mouth and I honestly felt like my head exploded. The "stuff" was horseraddish. I cannot tell you why anyone in their right mind would put a wonderfully fine piece of meat to death with a flavor like that. I think once I stopped gasping for air and the fire died down a bit I grabbed my huckleberry lemonade (excellent!) and downed it real fast. Lesson learned: look before you leap.

Lisa and I got dressed up last night and while a bunch of pictures were taken, only one really came out, which is kind'a sad because she was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous last night. So without further ado... here's the picture:

P.S. Some of you might notice something different about me.



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