Saturday, October 11

Steak and Bill

Yesterday I went out with a couple of "the guys" and saw the movie "Kill Bill". This movie was strange, gorey, bloody and way more gritty than I think I ever really wanted to see. I generally would advise against seeing it. There isn't a whole lot that is redeeming about it. Well, I mean the story is interesting enough, but the way it tells it and gets there is just horrid to watch.

After that I picked up Lisa and we went back to my house where I made steak and we had a late dinner. Then I drove her home and came home to bed.

Then today I was a costume character at work and that kept me busy for a while. Overall it was probably the hottest costume I have worn so far. ANd my visability was limited to a fist sized hole about a foot or so from my face. Black everywhere else. But it was worth it for the kids.

Anyway, day off tomorrow, we'll see what adventures insue...



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