Monday, October 13

Goose... getting... FAT!

Christmas is coming, and those of us in the retail world can feel the winds of cash flow changing. The tide seems to be sweeping early this year and possibly heavier than before. We shall see...

Either way I have been forced to think about the next 3 months really quite sooner than I would have liked to think about the next three months. (Teague (Assistant manager @ work) needed our schedules through January 31st 2004.) 2 months in advance I can do, but into next year, woah.

That far in advance will find me doing things like Urbana, which is in Illinois, from December 27th to the 1st of January. *Chuckle* I can bet they probably weren't too happy at work to see I was going to be gone that soon after Christmas.

Then Lisa and I have our 1 year aniversary towards the end of January as well, it's all really a lot to think about when it's only just the start of October. Makes one feel like they have lost sight of everything else that has to go on before Christmas.

Then of course on top of that as well I have my continueing education to consider as well. Do I go in the fall next year? Or do I try for the spring? Then on top of that finding a job in my field of study (Computers) would be a good thing as well. (However, if I could find a job where someone would pay me to read fantasy all day I might consider that one as well... (Any takers!?))

All this is almost like a blog fore-shadowing of posts to come. Gosh, I almost feel like an author. BTW: Dan thanks for the email. I'm working on a reply right now. (Also, post more pictures!) And to everyone else: You should go visit his site. Interesting pictures of Israel.

(Which reminds me I had best get Wes's pictures of Greece and Italy up... *sigh* the voluntary webmaster's work is never done! =) (To which you should probably all roll your eyes and say something to the effect of "Oh come now, we all know you really love it!"))

Book Note: I just started the reader's copy of Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, as well as the reader's copy of The Elder Gods by David Eddings.
With Stephenson I am eager to see where he goes with this historical story being as I have only read his cyber punk stuff (Like Snow Crash and Diamond Age (which I highly recomend if you enjoy fiction with a twist of the future in it.))
I have to admit I was a bit worried about Eddings, being as his last couple books have really been nothing to write home about, but this one starts off kind of in the same vein of writing as the Belgariad. So there is a possibility of hope that he has returned to his first writing style and thus back to his original audience. (If you have not read the Belgariad books, and you enjoy fantasy I suggest you pick them up and read them. Very well done.)
Those combined with Robin Hobbs "Ship of Magic" is what I am trying to plow through at the moment book wise.

That said, I wish you all a good night, and happy reading!



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