Tuesday, February 17

Febuary the 14th

Hey everyone,
A busy week thus far, but I finally have some time to sit down and detail what we (Lisa and myself) did this past weekend.

Saturday morning we got up rather early and caught a the Mukilteo ferry over to Whidbye island where her folks have just bought a house. The view is pretty amazing. 180 degrees. To the left of the house you see the Olympics to the right and right ahead is the Straight of Juan de Fuca. It's a cute little house and it has access to the beach below the 25+ foot bluff behind the house. We checked out the house and then the beach. I also took some pictures, that you'll see sometime.

After that we headed to Coupville, which is the closest "town" to where the house is at. In Coupville we had lunch (or should I say, "tea"?) at a place called "Anna's" It was a little victorian style house that had been converted to a tea house type place. We walked in to the living room where they had something like 5 or tables setup and sat down. The air seemed hot and stuffy to me, and there were WAY too many pastel colors. The waitress finally came out (I was sitting on the edge of my chair, ready to bolt at anytime) and welcomed us, gave us a menu and scurried back into the further reaches of the house. I looked at the menu and quite honesly it was like someone else probably feels when looking at one of my computer books. It had all sorts of tea sandwhich options and such. Lisa got the house tea (which was pretty great) and I got some fruity forest blend. (Which to my surprise did not contain an once of sugar, natural or otherwise. (the situation was mended by the addition of 2 sugar cubes.) Anyway we got some sandwiches delivered to our table (small) a cup of soup each, and then a chocolate dessert at the end which was quite amazing.

After that we explored the area around Lisa's house a bit via car, then headed back to the Ferry.

From the ferry we went to downtown Seattle where we met Lisa's folks for dinner at the "Founder's Club" at Benaroya(sp!) hall. We then caught some of the symphony and then headed to Ballard an the Conor Bryn pub where we caught some live Irish music (mainly reels) and then we headed out after 40 or so minutes. (The smoke was killing my head)

We then drove all over the Bellevue area looking for a copy of the movie "Lost in Translation" but being unsucessful. We then talked for a bit and then I dropped her off at home, and I went home myself. A long day but good.

On Sunday after church we helped deliver some packets out to different church members, and then we came back to my house where Lisa and I played with our throwing knives for an hour or so. Then we hung out with my folks most of the evening.

Monday was back to work, and in the evening time Mom and I went out to dinner. Tuesday more work and here I am!


P.s. "I used to stack the candy-land deck" -Sarah Loefgren


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