Thursday, April 29

A day in Cafe...

I did hard time yesterday in the Cafe of our store. This means I was writing little letters on the side of cups, asking people if they want a scone with that, and making, mixing, pouring and pumping coffee products on a regular basis. These are my stories:

The biggest and best tale comes to us from the almost end of my shift when someone wanted an italian soda. (Raspberry with Cream and Whipped cream.) I wander over with cup in hand to where we keep the raspberry syrup and try to push the top down. No go. I push harder, and harder, and harder. Suddenly, like the red stream from the back of a rocket, the syrup launches itself from the pump and goes hurtling into the cut. It then hits the bottom of the cup, decides it's had it's fun at the bottom and wants back out again and proceeds to reverse direction. This of course is where I am. I think it'll suffice to say that after I put the proper (8) amount of pumps into the cup, I looked like I had been standing next to someone who had just been mauled by a bear. But it's ok! Because the really hard part is done. I then fill the cup up with soda water, add some ice and then head over to the area where I will put the cream in it. Now a while back we used to put half and half in everything when it called for "cream" then at some point we started putting this other stuff we use for frapps (universal Beverage Base (UBB)) in the tazoberry drinks. Well, I thought this held true for the Italian Sodas as well. I pour a liberal amount of UBB into the drink and turn around to get a lid and the whipped cream and when I turn back around the drink is acting like one of those elementary school volcano projects. Red froth and foam are spilling out of the cup like someone had just told the drink we had a blue light special in the newsstand.

Now, in my somewhat experienced 2 years of working the cafe, I have NEVER seen this happen. Nor did I know you could perform such cool, albeit messy, acts in the cafe. I had no idea what was going on. I think the lady who ordered the drink that I was trying to kill her or something. ("Oops, well the cyanide reacted poorly with the soda, sorry!") I made the drink over again with half and half and nothing happened.

Note to drink makers of the world. UBB and Soda water do not mix. However I thought we could put a dome lid on the cup and then add the UBB to a soda drink and we could call them volcano sodas.



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