Monday, May 24

A case of delayed class

Sick!? How can advisor's who are supposed to be advising me on the next 2 years of my life be SICK on a day like this!? Now I must wait until Friday to plan the next 2 years of my life.

However this gives me more time now. Between work and a meeting this morning. Can I just say that certain people just need to lighten up and get over their martyr complexes? I am not out to get you with my Newsstand Workload Planning, I just need to get it done and leave. Ok. I'm done now. You know it's hard doing a job that is highly time sensitive for me when people won't cooperate! Well, lets add this to the "learning something new" board and move on then!

@ SPU for work today. (yeah!) More computer fixings!


1 comment:

  1. Ian got a shirt for his birthday yesterday that says "No, I won't fix your computer." It was quite appropriate.


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