Sunday, May 16

Job 5.0

A new job! I put in 4 hours on Friday and I had a good time doing it. Once I learn my way around campus and the ins and outs of the job I think it will be a much needed challenge. Not only will be it a challenge, but it'll be a continual challenge as well.

They also flex with my school schedule so that'll be easy to work around. Not to mention it'll be like 100 yards from where I live, eat and sleep.

On that note I gave my "2 weeks" notice at BN. (I'll still weekend warrior there however) I'll be stepping down from the lead position sooner than I thought though. But it's a good thing!

I am really excited about this change, I feel like I'm getting closer to getting back to school and doing what I love, which is computers.


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  1. Good luck with your new job. I hope it works out for you. :-)


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