Thursday, June 10

Dinner w/ the folks and a movie

Helped Lisa move back home today (Wednesday) from UCU. I think she was trying not to think about leaving the place she has living for the past 2 years. It was almost hard for me, and I have only haunted that place for the past 16 months, saying goodbye to those people that she used to see everyday. Times are changing, and I guess to stay at UCU forever wouldn't be a good thing. After we loaded her stuff (From architecture supplies to bags of clothes) into my car (her mother came and took her sister's stuff and some of Lisa's stuff) we made the trek over the bridge to Bellevue. We then unloaded it all into her parents house.

We stuck around and had dinner with her folks then. Both of her parents are on the South Beach Diet, and the food isn't exactly weird or anything, it tastes fine to me, but there is a noticeable lack of bread. Veggies are great, the chicken was excellent, only the lack of bread was found wanting.

Katie, Lisa and I decided we wanted to go rent a movie after dinner so Katie drove and we launched ourselves into the Hollywood Video for everyone's favorite game "Try to find an entertaining movie without taking too many risks, and that everyone agrees upon". We picked up two: "Good fences" and "Paycheck". Katie and I flipped a coin to see which one we would watch and "Good fences" came up the winner. (I think we made up some new rules about movie selection based off this movie: No movies we haven't heard something about.) "Good fences" has Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover in it, and the back made it sound like a funny comedy of errors. Wrong. "Good" shouldn't be in the title. Fences however does seem somewhat appropriate. The movie had no idea whose backyard it belonged in. It tried to be comedy once or twice and got tired of it. Then it tried drama, and it stuck with that, but I think that was because it didn't know what else to be. It's "plot line" looked like something you'd see on a Richter scale graph. Lisa commented: "I could make a better movie than this." Yes, she knows the elements of how a story is told. I think there is a reason this movie never made it to many theaters.

Of course this movie wasn't a total waste of time (we turned it off before it finished because it was so bad) because Lisa and I started making a list of the "Worst movies ever". (Please feel free to add your selections to the comment section)

Number one on my list: 2001 a Space Odyssey. Some people will tell you this is a classic. *shudder* The other's here are in no certain order: Being John Malkovich, Sphere, Stepmom, and some big gorilla movie that I can't remember the name to. Those are a few.



  1. 2001? Oh common Ben, you Ian and I have such memories of that movie! : P As far as the gorrilla movie, was that the one that was on the plane trip for a KP mission trip? The one w/ the poorly computer animated ape? If so, I thouroly (sp?) agree w/ you. But you must also add Planet of the Apes, and any movie w/ Charelton Heston while we're at it. : )

  2. I have to nominate Van Helsing for the "worst movie" list as well. Its only redeeming feature: cool computer animation, even if that was overdone. Also, "Twister".

  3. Mighty Joe Young most likely.

    Here's hoping Jackson's King Kong is an improvement over Emerich's Godzilla...

    Ed Price <><


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