Sunday, June 6

The end of an Era...

My time at Barnes and Noble as a lead is now over. It was really kind of weird walking out of there yesterday evening knowing that I will no longer be putting 40 hours a week in there. That I won't be seeing these people as often as I do. I have had this job for most of my college experience and so I guess that is why it seems so weird that this close-knit bunch of booksellers I have worked with for so long will no longer be a part of my life like they used to be. (NOTE: I am not lamenting the loss of customers... at all)

Yesterday was really quite the day in History. Reagan died, 60 years since D-Day, and I started to change jobs. I was really quite sad to hear that Reagan had passed on. In watching the some of the reports on his time as president last night I came to this conclusion: Reagan was the great communicator, and while he wasn't perfect in his presidency I think he has probably done a better job than any president after him. He seemed to know how to bolster people's hope, and frankly I haven't seen anything like I saw from his speeches from the 3 presidents after him. Maybe it's not just the president though, maybe it's the blood thirsty press that has changed as well. Maybe they were allowed to seek more hopeful angles in the news. Now all they seem to do is hunt for doom and gloom. (Which is why I no longer read/ watch/ listen to the "news")

And then D-Day. 2500 US soldiers died in that invasion on the beach. Back then we had a solid enemy to fight. We were after Hitler. War these days seems far more complicated. We are after "terror". You can't see that, and there isn't a head guy you get to take down in the end.

Thanks to everyone who has helped save our country from the evils outside. Now we need people to save us from the evils inside.



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