Sunday, July 18

A long silence... broken?

Friends, Romans, countrymen LEND ME YOUR EARS! (Yet PLEASE keep them on your head)

Well, after that little stint of silence I figured it was time to say something. I have been busy. And when I haven't been busy I have been sleeping to make up for those times I have been busy. Lisa is still in Colorado and I will be joining her in less than 2 weeks. If you haven't updated yourself on her blog, you should do so.
What have I been doing with my time? Fixing computers. Fixing computers at work, fixing computers at home, fixing computers at other people's homes. It's been a nice change of pace for once to be doing something that I really like. BN was good for a time, but it turned into a job. I enjoy the fresh new challenges that computer repair brings my way on a daily basis.
Speaking of BN, because indeed we were, you will no longer be able to find me there! I have hung up my hat and will no longer be working there. It was a good almost 3 years but it is deffinatly time to move on! I'll miss some of the people, but it is deffinatly time to go.
Hopefully I'll be able to do some more posting. I deffinatly plan to post while I am away in Colorado, but I think this upcoming week might be a bit busy. But we'll see. I also want to take the time to head out and try my camera out a bit before I go traveling with it. Sometime next week I will be posting my route down to Colorado so you'll be able to "follow me" as I go down. (And if I had a satellite connection to the internet you could REALLY follow me down. (How cool would THAT be!?))



  1. Hey, would you be interested in a games/hang-out night w/me, Ian, and other peoples before you head off to Colorado?

    PS - Does Blogger get rid of an account after a certain amount of time has passed without it being used?

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I have no idea about blogger.

    Sure, sounds good.

    BTW: I also have the book Lisa wanted you to read.


  3. At least you are saying you like fixing comptuers. I can't help but feel bad about the time you've spent on computers at my house, but the I's all been training for your current job. : P

    No, seriously, I really appreciate it, and if you're ever just not in the mood, just tell me...and I'll ask Ian. jk

  4. Well, it's about the only reliable way to contact people now-a-days...

  5. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Yeah, don't bother trying my phone or anything. =) (Which is never more than 30 feet from my person when I am home and never more than 5 inches from me at work.)



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