Tuesday, August 3

Further thoughts from CO

The people I am staying with (will probably leave early tomorrow morning) are an older couple (they have been married 50 years) who have been in missions for 40 years and now that he is "retired" he pastor's a 115 year old church in an old section of Colorado Springs. (Last night Lisa and I had dinner over at their house and he was saying that about 50% of the membership of the church is charter members. Lisa and I both said wow. And then realized he was kidding.) It's a nice house. It looks like it's small, but it's really 3000 square feet.

They have two dogs a small little "scotty" dog named Lady and a Pomeranian named Sarah who is obsessed about chassing tennis balls as Chloe is about chassing bottles. She's an old dog but she can really move when you throw that ball across the yard. I'll get pictures tonight or tomorrow and post them up sometime this week.

Work here at OC International so far has been pretty good. I get to use my laptop as my computer while I am here, so I feel like I am at home with my digital equipment at least. The guy I am working with has been doing computer stuff since I was 4 years old. He lived in Indonesia for a while doing computer stuff for OC over there. We seem to get along pretty well and I look forward to getting some sleep and being more awake here.

The mountains here in Colorado Springs are pretty impressive. They just kind of loom over everything to the west there. The streets here are what I would consider a Civil Engineer's nightmare. For example you'll be going down some road and you'll be paralleling another road. Suddenly, either you or the other road will decide it no longer wants to be a north-south road, oh no, it now wants to be an east-west road. And does it change names? No. None of this "East Street" or "North Street" just "Street". Then there is this road that is called "Circle" circle is actually made up of 5 some-odd streets that make a circle around a certain part of Colorado Springs. However, calling all 5 streets "circle" is perfectly legit. Even though each "section" has a different name.

Another thing, every 2 blocks they change the speed limit. Anywhere from 30 to 50mph. I can't drive an easy 30-35mph like I do in Seattle when I don't know the speed. It's deffinatly been confusing. That GPS I bought has already paid for itself in time that I am not frustrated. I am starting to get some of these streets down. I can get from Lisa's apartment to the house I am at. From the house to OC and from OC to Lisa's. What more do I need!? There are enough stores and places to eat along those routes that I will NEVER need to go anywhere else! It is my happy little loop.

In other news I am situated today in the Server room. Server rooms need to stay cool so that the computer's won't over heat. Occationally I slip out to the rest of the office to "de-ice". I think tomorrow I will bring my jacket. =)

I also talked to my future roomie today (Dustin (AKA: Frodo)) and he said that the computer has already assigned us rooming for next year! And it is no where near where we thought we were going to be. We're not going to be in the dorms like we had been planning for a long time. Nope, we've got an apartment! It's "on campus" and we can cook and we each will have our own bedroom, and we'll have a living room and a kitchen and we can have people over. This is very good news. I was a little afraid of dorming it for a quarter or two at SPU, but it seems that God has worked things out for Dustin (who I want to call "d-bunny" (a play off of the nickname I have heard before "d-money", you know Dustin sounds like Dust, dust bunny. "D-bunny") anyway, but I refrain from doing so. But know that I think it everytime I say his name!) and I.

Pictures tomorrow or the day after.


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  1. Good to hear, Ben! I was praying for a safe trip for ya', so I'm glad you made it alright. And it's great about your SPU housing. Cool how God works things out sometimes! Can't wait for the pictures.


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