Friday, August 6


Are not available. I can't seem to find the cable that hooks my computer up to my camera. It's in my car somewhere (I'm sure Lisa would say something like, "Well if you cleaned it like I had suggested...") so until I find a CF card reader or the cable you will be picture less. However this weekend looks like it'll be a busy one, so I'll take pictures and hopefully post something on Monday.

I've been working on some switches here at OC, and watching some CD replicator for a series they are moving from tape to CD and generally doing anything they feel like giving me to do.

I've been hanging out with Lisa at night and she's been doing some cooking for dinner the past few days. Let me just go on record and say that she has suprised me at how wonderful her meals have been. Quite honestly I am looking forward to more. =)

The dogs continue to be a pain in their own special way. First they won't go in, then they wouldn't go out. Now I have to deal with giving them DRY food in the morning when they are used to some kind of rice and corn mixture that their owner cooks up for them. This morning Sarah (the Chow-something mix) got all excited and came inside and looked at the dry food and looked up at me as if to say, "Ha ha, very funny. I get the joke. Now where is the real food?" As I was leaving (and she had bearly touched her food) she cocked her head sideways and seemed to say, "Wait... you're NOT joking?" Good dogs both of them, however, they are spoiled.

Tonight Lisa's parents are taking us to the Flying W Ranch for dinner. I hear it's something that every Colorado-ian must do once. Saturday will find us climbing Pike's Peak in a train, at the Garden of the Gods and Glen Eyrie.

Pictures Monday!



  1. Ummm, today is Monday, and I don't see any pictures....

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Some of us are busy. And the only place I have an internet connection is at work. (That and the fact that the pictures I took are primarly pretty bad...)



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