Sunday, December 19

Count it with me...

Congradulations to those resently engaged! Dan and the Lady J (got engaged today), and to Beth Fosse and her new fiance. (They got engaged on Saturday)

So wedding wise we're looking like this for next summer:
mid-June: Dan and Jane?
End of June: Sarah and Shawn
Begining of July: Ingrid and James
2 weeks later: Lisa and Myself
One week after that (end of July): Megan and Jeff
Early August: Raleen and Andy.

It's craziness. I have heard rumors of other people I graduated from HS with going to be married next summer as well, but don't know if I'll be going to those. I think with all the weddings going on that I'll be getting people a lot of fruit baskets... Or not. (Probably really expensive gifts... ;) )

I will also (due to weddings) be in California TWICE this upcoming year. Once in the spring for Lisa's cousin's wedding, and then whenever Dan and Jane decide to get married. (Lets try not to make this California thing happen all the time ok?)

In other news I have been hanging out really enjoying the time I have to relax this break. I have time to play some computer games, hang with Lisa, do some wedding planning (the devil, they say, is in the details...), and a little bit of work.

I'm off to do more of the same...


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  1. Man...that IS a lot of people getting married this summer! What is it about this year - the graduating from college part? The multiple years of dating part? What makes it so appealing to get married now?

    Just wondering, not criticizing.


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