Thursday, December 2


As I was showering this morning I came up with a great way to view the way Dustin and I both sleep.

"An object at rest wants to stay at rest" - is Dustin. Before I started living with Dustin I didn't even realize it was possible to wake up that slowly.

"An object in motion wants to stay in motion" - is myself. Alarms can go off and I am ready for anything. My mind comes awake very quickly after being asleep. Which makes me wonder if I was really very asleep to begin with.

However, as Dustin pointed out, this is pretty much the only thing we are dead opposite in.

That is my theory for the morning.



  1. Interesting application of Newton's 1st Law. Sounds like a good description. : )

  2. Yay! Science. Yay! Funny application thereof!


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