Tuesday, January 11

23rd B-Day come and *cough* gone...

Last night I hosted an open door birthday party for myself at my apartment. Got a lot of pizza, pop and misc and invited people from shool, work and church to come over. It was pretty happening actually. The first people showed up about 5:45 and the last person left around 12:45. And we ended up with half a pizza left! (Out of 5 pizzas that isn't bad! Or else no one liked the one that was left... =) )

I seem to have caught something from Dustin. My chest is pretty tight and my throat is pretty sore. I am hoping this does not develope into something horrific.

Thursday afternoon the college group leaves for the Canloops! We drive 8 hours north east and come to a great little village where they have "great skiing" (I don't know what that is) and a nice little place we stay. The first year we booked up 2 of the condos, last year we booked out four. I think we'll be doing four again. It's a lot of fun. I don't ski so mainly it's a really relaxing time for me to do things like read, or write, or be really glad I'm not swoshing down a snow covered hill at high speeds. (Not that I COULD effectivly fly down a hill on skis mind you.) If nothing else I can take a good stab at releaning the Latin I forgot. Or attempting to teach myself how to diagram sentences. (Because I am at a loss...)

On the subject of grammar: Why on earth is something this important being taught to me now? Yes, I have always known what a verb was and a noun as well. (They told me that much at least) But adverbs are a little shady and anything beyond that was a pure mystery to me until I hit Latin. Then I discovered I had no idea what I was doing. Now I'm in advanced grammar and he's drawing words with lines between them and I have no idea the rules for THAT game. Well, we'll see how well we do on this whole "Language" thing.

Another interesting thought: This quarter is like the "Secrets of the English Language." (with echo-ing voice effect) I start off with Communication, that is a treat and I feel like I am getting insights into how people communicate. Following that is Latin, the "Father tounge" of English (if you will) following that I have grammar, the old bones of the language itself. And then on Wednesdays I am learning (somewhat) to convey all the stuff I learn MWFs into writing it out creatively. (Which reminds me... I think I'll read more from "How to write funny" today. Maybe you'll reap the benefits of that later.)

Now I'm off to decide if I should go to work or not.



  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Work didn't happen.


  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    hey ben- i was browsing the seattle pacific blog ring and linked here. i am looking to transfer schools in the fall, in the westward direction, and spu is on my list. what do you think of it? good stuff, bad stuff, i want it all! thanks! -jenny
    bfwfred@ameritech.net or Tiredjello on xanga
    happy birthday, by the way


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