Thursday, January 20


When I say, "you're getting here is the exact same thing you would get if you walked into Best Buy or Comp USA and bought a copy of Windows XP right off the shelf."

Does the question "Is it in a retail box?" come to mind?

I've got another one: "New in Box, NR, Never opened, Never registered!"

Does that make you feel like asking me if it's in a box?

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGG! However in those people's defense, they don't actually take the TIME to read my auction (eBay) heading or the description of the content, no no, they just will always ask their questions. This is why I ask for money BEFORE I send things. Another popular question is, "Do you have more of this item to sell me? Or maybe copies of Office that you could sell me?" I kid you not, I get 4 or more of those per piece of software I list on eBay. I get it a lot so I took to writing on the description: "I do not have any more of this software to sell." I still get the questions. Next time I'm going to not take any time to post a descption. I'm just going to stick a little posting up there that says, "Copy of Windows!" Then when I am asked if it's in a retail box, or if I have more to sell, or if it comes in another color, I can tell them without feeling like I am being ignored.

In other news I have been sick for the past week or so. Started as a flu and turned to a cold. Not so much fun. Now it's off to Latin!


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  1. You could do what one of my professors does and tell them to just read the syllabus, or in your case, the description. Don't cater to their lazyness!


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