Monday, January 24

A day best left behind...

Being sick and missing class is lame. I missed 2 days of class due to being sick and it hurt me this morning on a COM test. I didn't do very well.

Then on top of that Latin was confusing today, and I was tired.
Following Latin I am in trouble in grammar because I still don't understand (fully) this sentence diagraming thing. (I think I can handle some easy small ones, but these long sentences confuse me) Test on Friday in grammar and 1/3rd of it is sentences which are in need of diagraming.


On the other hand today is the same day that 2 years ago Lisa and I started dating! Yeah for 2 years!! 2 years finds us engaged now, (in case any of you didn't know) and in less than 6 months we will be married. (When I think about how much we have to do between then and now it makes me feel slightly worried. (But only slightly))

OK, now I am planning on hitting the HW harder so, I must get off to do.



  1. Congrats again on the 2 years. So sorry about being behind in school. It's never any fun. Wish I could help you on the whole diagraming sentances thing...maybe there's some cool flash animation online somewhere that explains it really well??

  2. - Not exactly sentence diagramming, but still darn cool.


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