Tuesday, January 25

Burried in language

First off: Matchbox 20: where have I been the past 9 years? I really enjoy their music. (No you won't be hearing any of it at the wedding...)

Second off: Grammar: **bang head against desk** I swaer (that's Latin... (or my fingers not typing correctly)) no one in that classroom is speaking English. It's like I signed up for a class in some other language by accident. The funny thing is that I feel like I need to spend more time with ENGLISH grammar than I do with Latin grammar. (Which isn't really true. I need to spend more time than I do now on both of them... soooo much more time. (At what point do you say "Enough! Language will consume me no longer!"))

Well, in other news Adam's Pictures will soon be available in print format. Keep your eyes peeled for developements!



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