Saturday, October 29

Eat at Zhou's

Lisa and I made a big step forward in commitment today. That's right, we invested 10 bucks into everything we need to sucessfully keep a betta (fish) alive and thriving in our home. I wanted to name him something cool so being as I am in an East Asian History class we decided to name him after the 1st Chinese Dynasty, the Zhou Dynasty. (Pronounced like Joe (Makes the title funnier doesn't it?)) I'll slap up some pictures a little later I'm sure.

So here's an update: I didn't get a full-time job at SPU. Thus I will be graduating (hopefully) this year. To do that however I will need to take 18 credits next quarter and 19 credits in the Spring. The most credits I have ever taken at one time and so I can only assume my life these next 2 quarters will be CrAzY. (More details on classes as I get them.)

In the "late to the newest fad" area I recently joined "" and have been socially networking with all the people that I would normally social network with face to face. It's been fun. =P

Being as I didn't get a job full-time with SPU I will have December essentially wide open and free to do with as I please. (Just without any income...) If anyone out there needs any computer help during December I imagine I'll be free to help. Otherwise I'll have to do a lot of reading.

Other things that have been keeping me busy are trying to find out more about Beth's new boyfriend via the internet.

Midterms next week so I had best get at it. (Latin, East Asian History, and a Bio project due on gene therapy.)



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