Monday, January 9

We're Live!

Ladies and Gentlemen, live from Weter Lounge, it's 802heaven! *Wait for crowd noise to die down* I went and got myself a new wireless thing for my laptop (one that doesn't draw so much power that it turns the screen off) and now I can use my laptop at school, and be able to write blog entries from almost anywhere on campus. I have grand illusions of doing HW in this span of time between Modern East Asia and Foundations of European Art, but now with internet access anything is possible! I could write, I could tap dance online... The choices really are, quite honestly, endless. (As is my reading for this quarter.)

Several things of note: Lisa went to Colorado to go skiing with some old EMi interns and to check out the University of Colorado in Denver. She gets in tonight and it's about time. I do enjoy some time to myself, but I've learned that 5 days is maybe a bit too much time to myself. No one laughs at my jokes when I'm home alone... ok, well I laugh at my jokes but that's about it.

I hurt my back on Saturday, but I have no idea what I did. It just hurts. I went to Fred Meyer after class this morning and picked up some "hot/cold" back pain patches. Quite honestly it feel like someone is pouring ice water down my shirt. But I can't feel the pain in my back... sooo I'll take it.

Now I have things I need to read before tomorrow. Lisa gets in tonight at about 10pm. Hopefully her flight will be on time.

Birthay countdown... 1 day... and then I'm old. 24... geez.


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  1. I turned 24 once. It's not as bad as it sounds. Hope your back straightens up...


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