Tuesday, January 3

The Spam Report

Good Morning, the time is 5pm GMT, and this is the Spam Report.
Spam sending was on an incline this past month as the spam filter hit an all-time high of 13100 spam messages. Rounding the top of the list were offers for kinky liaisons with other "sexy singles" in your area, followed closely by Home Mortgages and promises of CrAzY low rates. Free giveaways via spam messages were also popular this month, attempting to cash in on Holiday avarice by letting you sell your information, for "Free" items. Topping out the list were Free iPod Nanos, closely followed by the Motorola Razor Phone. In 3rd we have offers of gift cards, $500 was the most popular number and WalMart, Safeway, QFC, and Starbucks found themselves on the list this time around.
A recent trend in spam, as noted by Professor of Spam Studies from the University of Illinois, is the adding of the phrase "Christian" before a lot of the junkmail coming through the system. "For instance why just say: 'Meet Singles in your area!', that sounds a wee bit sketchy. Who are these singles, and more importantly, why do they want to meet me? These are the kinds of things people would ask upon receiving the above email. However, when you put: 'Meet Christian Singles in your area' you are instantly put at ease because it MUST be a friendly group of well-wishers if they are Christian singles."
Thank you professor for that report.
This has been Ben Morrell, with the Spam Report, back to you Linda.



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