Wednesday, February 8

An Art History Break

I have recently discovered that along with the whole musical stuff I listed last time that I also enjoy Michael Buble as well. Especially for this song.

In other news my wife has started to blog again. But I guess that's what free-time at work will do for ya.

Studying for my Art History mid-term tomorrow... as well as my Film Art Mid-term tomorrow. (gosh that's a lot of testing tomorrow...) In other news my Asian History Professor decided we don't have enough time to do everything he wants to do so he's giving us a take-home mid-term. He's going to get rid of the misc easy questions like "who is so-and-so" and just give us 2 essays on Friday and they'll be due on Monday. I appreciate that kind of "test".

Well, I had best get back to Masaccio, Angelico and Veneziano... Lord knows they can't look after themselves.



  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hey Ben,

    I've looked all over your blog and webpages for your e-mail address. The last one I tried didn't work. Sorry to post this unrelated message, but could you send me a note and then I'll respond.

  2. I like Buble's style, but I have to admit, that the song you've linked too is a bit too repetative for me. It was good the first time thru, but after that I got bored.


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