Tuesday, February 14

Blog Entry of Endless Descriptions +3

I'm afraid ladies and gentlemen that I must relay some rather sad news... Zhou, the betta fish, has gone to the great watery place in the... errr, ground. Actually this happened almost a week ago. In the hustle and bustle of the mid-terms I didn't feel like passing this information on. However, Lisa and I decided to try again. Trigger and Dart are "attempt #2" for us. Two small, yet colorful guppies. Dart is yellow and Trigger is silver and orange. We'll see how long these surrvive. (Longer than a couple months...)

In other news I survived my mid-terms. And I seem to have done pretty well. (However I found out that the Art History final is going to be the same type as the mid-term which means that I can pass the class without paying any attention in class at all. (Which is a bad thing...))

In other news part 2, I got a fun new bit of software that allows me to install other operating systems over my current one so I can play with them and learn them without having to reinstall everything on my own system. (For instance I just installed Unbuntu linux (which I hear Google uses a variety of))

Well, I had best get off. I've got class tomorrow you know... can't stay up all hours. (Only 14 more days (2 weeks) until job hunting starts!)



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