Monday, February 20

Bernini and Michelangelo need a break

In order to take a break from my writing... I think I will write some more.

This extra long weekend has been nice. It's not everyday I get to do homework with Lisa around. I posted a well worked over draft of my resume onto the other night and so far no bites... not like I expected to have people banging on my door already or anything. More proactive job hunting doesn't begin until next week sometime. (Tuesday)

I was reminded the other day when I found the SPU commencement website that I was indeed, finally, going to be graduating from college. It's an exciting thought for me. And despite the fact that it took me 6 years to pull it off I will still be the first college graduated child in my family. I'm pretty excited about graduating... but I think I'm also excited because it means I can find a job that I'll be able to settle into. Commencement is on June 10th, where I will sit in Seahawks stadium (AKA: The Qwest Event Center) for 3 hours. I figure this will be the final trial to getting my degree. Lord willing I'll have a job lined up by then. If not, well that's for even more excitement as I poke around and try to find one.

Signed up for my last quarter on Friday as well. Math 1521 (something like "Everyday math".), University Foundations 3100 (Christian Theology), Mythology in literature, Community Bible study (2 credits, upper division!), and then the class I have yet to register for, because it independent study, is Sanskrit (which is CLA 4920, the highest class number I have ever taken). "Lucky" for me all these classes fall on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which means my Tuesday and Thursdays are wide open! (Good for things like job interviews)

I must get back to Bernini and Michelangelo now. Their David's await!



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