Friday, December 22

Pockets of Darkness

Lisa and I have officially hit 7 full days without power. If the rumors ring true and our power comes on at 11am (we'll just see about that!) then it'll have been 7.5 days of Darkness. One for the record books. A friend of mine here at the Theatre who grew up on the East Coast/ South said that he has never known anyone to be without power as long as Lisa and I have been out. (Except of course for people whose homes had been decimated by hurricanes, and the house had to be rebuilt.)

Our condo is in a little pocket of darkness though. It sits to the west of a lighted Microsoft, and to the North of a lighted Emergency Shelter. Oh well I say. We've got good people to help and support us in our transient ways. It'll be nice (assuming power comes back on today) to be at our own home and be able to open up our own refrigerator and find... nothing.

Speaking of being at home with the power turned on I came to a decision the other night as I was thinking about my computer. I spent a good chunk of change on this machine and I haven't used it in a week, and have I missed it? Not so much. I realized the other thing I really do with it is play games on it. I do my "work stuff" at work, and I have a laptop that is more than capable to run Office for any "work" type situations I might run into at home. (It was the fastest computer at Taproot for a while) Thus I have decided I am going to sell my computer because it cost too much money for the amount of time I actually use it. (And I'll be buying an XBox 360 in which to play games on)


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  1. woo hoo, let me know if you get Live and we'll hook up sometime.


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