Friday, July 6

2 day hiatus

Ben had a fever and is neutropenic again, so he was admitted to Virginia Mason last night. He prefers them to the Eastside hospital. Isn't it strange that we have favorite emergency rooms now?

Anyway, I'm just about to leave for Ellensburg to help out with and celebrate Adam and Sheli's wedding. I wish Ben was able to come with me, but he's been so gracious by urging me to go anyway to represent both of us :) So you won't hear from us til Sunday at the least... unless Ben makes a miraculously rapid recovery! We can dream, can't we?

It looks like we might be able to get webcam coverage of the wedding, so Ben can at least watch from his hospital bed! Please pray that this works out!



  1. I'm sorta' filling in for Lisa in her stead. The Friday update is that Ben's not doing so hot. The nausea has been bad today for an unknown reason. Ben's been feeling pretty lousy all day. The good news is that he doesn't have a fever and his white counts have already started to climb, albeit slowly.


  2. Lisa - I think I know Sheli - was she the worship leader at Salt? I lived in Ellensburg for 2 years. Crazy how small the world really is!

    You both are in my prayers!

    Jessie O. (Robb's fiancee)


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