Tuesday, July 10

I know you came here to see Ben, but...

On the phone, Ben said something along the lines of: I'm still in the hospital. Many thanks to Gary Brown for the portable DVD player! (yay Gary! That's amazing!) I always appreciate support from people-- phone calls, email, prayer. Hopefully I'll get out of the hospital tomorrow.

He seems like he's feeling pretty well, but is still neutropenic. He'll be getting some more platelets tomorrow morning.

As for me, I've been feeling sad today. It's a kind of sadness that feels assiduously poetical and right, which makes it harder to want to shake off. Talking to Ben just now helped bring me back to reality though- my perspective has cleared, and I'm shaking off my ill-founded musings :0)

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful! You can't really beat an outdoor reception on a summer's night with live jazz in the background. I got to be involved in a lot of the wedding prep with the family and wedding party. After a sleepless night I drove back at 5am during a gorgeous sunrise, back to Seattle to be with Ben. I've got another sister-in-law!



  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Remember that God gave us emotions to feel. Jesus was sad - very sad - when the situation warranted such a response. You aren't being weak or traitorous or stupid when you feel deeply sad.

    Pslams notes that "Though sadness may last for a night, joy comes in the morning." Notice that it doesn't say "sadness may last for a moment..." A night can be a very long time. Consider calling on your family and friends to come alongside and share in your sadness, day or night.

    God has not let go when these feelings come. Hold tight to God - He has His grip on you.

    Mare Sullivan

    FYI: I'll call you next Tuesday to arrange for the tasks Ben & I discussed.

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Dear Lisa,

    Sadness is a natural emotion but God is there for us, God is with you and Ben, HE has his loving arms around you both, HE will guide you through this time of sorrow and strife and pull through to happiness and triumphth.

    I pray for continue healing and strength for you both.

  3. I really appreciate the support and good intents of your advice :) However, the problem was not the sadness, but that I was believing/thinking things that weren't true, which made me feel sad. Or rather, my sadness led me down some paths of thought that wouldn't have held up against God's word. I probably didn't explain very well. I do understand that emotions come and go, but I can and should honor God by believing and thinking on the truth!


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