Monday, July 9

A quick note from the hospital

On Saturday I was able to view my brother's wedding via webcast. So While I wasn't able to make it in person I was able to see it. (still hard not being there in person)

I've been in the Hospital now since Thursday and they have been taking pretty good care of me. I've been tired here but it's been good to be in a place where they can give me meds properly.

In other news a lot of people have asked if there is anything they can do for us to let them know. Well, with the amount of time I have been spending in the hospital I have come to realize that I could really make use of a portable DVD player. If someone happens to have one I could borrow, or if some people wanted to pull some resources for one. Anyway, that is something that would make my life in the hospital easier.

Praise wise the pain in my mouth is not nearly as bad as it has been the past few times. The folks here at VM have all been very nice.

Thanks for your prayers as well. I'd like to go home sometime soon and not need to be taking large amount/ any meds. I'll need continued prayer for recovery this upcoming week before chemo starts again on the 16th. Lisa and I will also be celebrating out 2 year anniversary the weekend before with hopefully more time on the island.

Thanks again for everything. Email if you have questions/ leads on a portable DVD player.


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  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Hi Ben,

    seems that you cancer has alot of ups and downs but God is pulling through all of it, plus prayer is a powerful tool and gift. i hope you and Lisa have a memorable second anniversary in whatever you both decide to do. whenever you get a portable dvd player my suggestion would be to watch The Incredibles or Finding Nemo, i am not a kid or maybe a James Bond movie, who knows, your pick.

    God Bless


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