Wednesday, August 15

Little round balls of hope...

No I'm not talking about dipp'n dots being the cure for cancer, I'm talking about my trip to the Mariner's game today. I was reminded today as I sat in left field intently watching the game, as much to avoid stray balls (and thus save my life), as my interest in the game, and I remembered back to my science class in college where we went on a field trip to the zoo.

It was at such a time in my life, shortly after marriage, where Lisa and I had a bit of a "scare" where we thought she might be pregnant for a bit. Anyway, I was cruising around the zoo (it actually started to snow a bit while we were there) looking at various animals when I saw a family (what they were doing there on such a cold day I don't know) pushing/ pulling a young child around. It made me realize that some day I wanted to be able to take a child of mine to the zoo and show them the wonders of the world. I was reminded of this again today as I was dodging stray balls in left field; because there were a few younger children at the game and it reminded me, especially with everything I have going on in my life right now, that some day I would like to have children of my own with which to do things like go to a baseball game and avoid stray balls with. (Like I did today with my Dad, who invited me to the baseball game today.)

This comes down to me saying that God has helped me find hope in some of the things I do that might not normally have given me hope. In this case I've wanted to go to a baseball game since getting sick, and today I got to do that. (thanks Dad) Again, I don't know what God has in store for me, but I am hoping that someday God will bless me with a child to share His world with.


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