Monday, September 29

When we're not here...

Hey everyone... sooo... a bit of information to share:
The 700 billion dollar "bailout" didn't go through! How great is that? I mean that's like trying to cure cancer by treating the crazy side effects.
There was something else... OH! Right, did you catch my post earlier about the 1st private Rocket into space? Very cool. The video is Crazy. They should have painted a 100+KM or bust sign on the side of the rocket. (The edge of space)

In other non-national, but not as little earth shattering news, I had my interview today. It went well. Doing an interview with your spouse there is really the way to do interviews. It's like bringing an advocate to an interview who can brag about you so you don't have to. I'd highly suggest it for the future of interviewing. There were 4 people interviewing me and Lisa via a conference call. They said I was the fastest person to ever fill out their 20 page application. (Wooooo) God helps me make history in my own little ways.

A few hours after the interview was over I got a call from the guy (Ray) who was interview Lisa and I and they said that the team agreed that they want me in Colorado Springs. So Lisa and I talked briefly and then I accepted. So we are moving! We're excited!

BTW: Anyone interested in buying a 1 bedroom condo in Bellevue? 800sqft... will discount it if we know ya... (Walking distance to Microsoft...)


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