Monday, September 29

Wanna take some STUFF!?

There are some things that we have decided aren't worth hauling across country with us. (As we can just buy newer stuff on the other side, OR we don't plan on replacing it.)

A text file with the stuff can be found at that link. Feel free to contact me (ben d0t morrell at g mail d0t c0m) if you are interested in something here!

Let the moving begin! (We also have a box of misc stuff that we plan on dragging around with us so if you happen to be here helping us pack, or at a good-bye party that might be thrown then look for the box(es) and take what you like...)

Moving is kind'a cool when you can get rid of a bunch of stuff! (Things that seemed so important 3 years ago don't mean as much anymore... funny.)



  1. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Ben and Lisa - We're so excited for your adventure! The 'stuff' was the hardest part for me. You've inspired me to write up the method I used to organize the move. Maybe I can get it done on the plane to Seattle this week...

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    That would be GREAT. Love to see it!



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